Living for the weekend

Have you ever spent so much time thinking and worrying about what the future holds that you forget that the whole point of life is just to go out and LIVE it? 

That was starting to be my  “grande problema”.  I was so caught up in worrying about the future of my career, planning how we could buy our future dream home and creating the perfect existence that it completely skipped my mind that these things are all very well and good but they are just steps along the “walk of life” – without remembering to get out there and ENJOY the steps along the way they are all rather pointless.

I was saving my favourite books for the perfect moment of relaxation, saving my best outfits for the occasion of a lifetime, keeping the best china in a cupboard for the very best of dinner parties, putting my favourite box of chocolates to one side to eat with an exceptional film – well, you get the idea.

Then one day I woke up and realised that that expensive box of chocolates had gone so far past their sell-by date that they were no longer edible (and I am no prude – happily tucking into one year old Easter eggs).  The best china had sat in the box it arrived in for more than two years without a single moment of use.  My hair style had changed and the amazing outfit looked so terrible on that the hangar had more style.  And the book?  Still on the shelf.

Perhaps I will never really understand what sparked this sudden realisation but slowly it dawned on me that life didn’t need to be like this.  I didn’t need to wait for the perfect moment.  In fact I didn’t have to be perfect either. 

Now, as a hideously precise perfectionist with exceptional talent for procrastination, I secretly expected that I would take this realisation on board and promptly ignore it.  So imagine my surprise when I actually started to make changes so I could really get out there and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL.

How did I start?  I would be lying if I didn’t say that Mr Procrastination came along and tried to hold me down but within a day or two I had shaken him off enough to get started on a delicious box of chocolate truffles.  Yep, they were actually still in date!

So that is the gist of what the posts on this blog are going to be all about: my journey from a life of WAITING to a life of LIVING and enjoying that wonderful gift of the here and now.

See you next time!

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