Read it now!

The chocolates were gone and where was I headed?  Apart from doubtless having gained an extra pound or two had I really changed anything?  Well, there was the extra cardboard in the recycling box but really, had I made a step forward?

I don’t know about you but it seemed a good idea to at least test the theory again before inevitably admitting defeat (yep, positive thinking isn’t normally one of my most obvious traits).  It was more than just the stack of chocolates that had got me thinking that just perhaps it was worth the risk to eat the best (have the best, be the best etc) first and enjoy them rather than wait and have to throw them away or just miss the boat completely.  So I turned back to my original thoughts for inspiration.  And it came to me like a bolt of the blue: BOOKS!  Why hadn’t I thought of it before?

I am a bit of a book-worm; my nose often stuck in a book for as long as I think I can get away with it.  I read while I’m cooking, on the sofa, in bed, walking through the house, on boats, on planes, walking the dog (ok, so maybe that one is a bit extreme but hopefully you get the idea).  I love reading and I love books. 

Anyway, I have stacks of books in every room of the house and  have this strange desire to add to them on a regular basis without managing to read even half of what I already own.  My favourite books are carefully stored away for the right moment and I often wander in to look at them.  I read the first chapter and, sighing, put it back on the pile thinking that I must save it for another time.  Then I almost inevitably head off to finish my current book (often never as exciting but one I thought I should be reading).  How sad to love a book, to be desperate to read it, and then leave it on the shelf for the perfect moment.

I knew this would be a real challenge but one I could not pass up on.  So, before I had even finished my latest read, I not only identified its successor but rather greedily grabbed it from the shelf and got right on with starting it. 

What a breath of fresh air!  It was a fantastic book that spoke right to the heart of where I was right there and then – in fact that was the reason it had jumped off the bookshop shelf and into my arms.  If I had waited another few months or years to start the moment would have passed and I might have missed the magic it held for me right then. 

Since that book I have read nothing but the books that I am really excited about.  My “reading life” is so new and exciting that I’m going to have to log off and get back right on it.  Maybe later on I’ll let you into the secret of some of my favourite reads – watch this space!

For now I will leave you with one thought: you might not be around tomorrow to read that one great book you’ve been saving so go GRAB it now and get started!  There is no time like now to get into LIVING.

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2 Responses to Read it now!

  1. Paul says:

    I tend to do one of two things when I buy a new book: either put the one I’m currently reading to one side and start on the new one (explains why I have so many books that are unfinished!) or put it to one side in the hope that I’ll eventually get round to reading it.
    The pile of books “I’m reading” and the one of books “I want to read” just keeping getting bigger though, and the one of books “I’ve read” just doesn’t seem to go up at the same pace. Ho hum. Time to re-evaluate my reading style I think.

  2. loustar02 says:

    That could be a cunning plan 😉

    Perhaps just make sure that the books you buy are ones you are really desperate to read then you will want to finish each one before starting another. Having said that I could do with taking my own advice on that one too!

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