Keep up the fight

"A springtime cold"

Today I have come down with a full-blown springtime cold.  You know the sort of thing: headaches, alternately runny and stuffed up nose, sore throat, etc.  I am so tired that I am finding it a real struggle to think beyond anything other than how rubbish I feel.  One of those days when you wish, with what little energy you have left, that you could just hide under the duvet until it is all over!

But even today I am trying to continue my daily fight to stay focussed on living fully in every moment.  It would be so easy to think only about how I feel, how much better it was when I was well and how much better it will be once I am well again.  But when I do this (as I have done many times today and suspect I will do again tomorrow) I am missing out on so many moments to enjoy chance conversations, share a smile over something or even just to learn something new.

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