Kick Start Your Mornings!

I’ve been inspired today by Peddler of Dreams’ article: “Creating a Morning Ritual” (“ to share with you another part of my journey in living life in the moment and to the full.

Morning (Ministry of Propaganda)

 Over the last few months I’ve been trying to avoid the inevitability of the “snooze” button on the alarm clock and find a better way to get going in the mornings.  Many mornings it seemed it was all I could do to reach out and hit that button once, twice, three times; eventually dragging myself out of bed with my eyes barely open before stumbling into the bathroom.  Even a hot shower was making little difference to waking me up until I decided it didn’t have to be this painful. 
The least I could do would be to offer my body some liquid refreshment to rehydrate from the night of rest.  Magazine articles, books and health blogs seemed to suggest that lemon tea (otherwise known as a few drops of lemon juice in a mug of hot, or at least very warm, water) was the perfect start to a morning so I gave it a try.  And, do you know what?  It seemed to work – those few precious minutes of quiet waiting for the kettle to boil – truly refreshing (and the tea was pretty nice too). 

Lemons (Photo: Lisa Barber)

I then found that I had that “kettle boiling” time spare in the quiet and perhaps I could use that time to read and reflect.  After a few days I found that I wanted a little longer so would start my reflection time before turning the kettle on.

From there I have extended the time by a few minutes  to include a little yoga.  The amount of time varies each day – sometimes this is no more than sitting still for a few deep breaths (this morning for example!) but sometimes I can fit in a few different postures in addition to a short period of reflection and prayer before the morning shower.  Only then do I turn on the mobile phone and re-connect with the outside world.

Some days the whole routine takes only 5 minutes and some days I give myself up to half an hour of “slow wake up” time.  It leaves me surprisingly refreshed, awake and ready to face the potential chaos of the day – whatever it might bring.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you or share your own morning kick-start ideas!

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2 Responses to Kick Start Your Mornings!

  1. Modern Gypsy says:

    Wonderful ritual! 🙂

  2. Modern Gypsy says:

    Wonderful ritual!

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

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