40 Days of Simple Living – Part Three (or “The Mass Clearance Feel Good Factor”)

This last weekend we finally purged the house of all the stuff cleared during the Lent challenge.  Until then it had just been lurking in a dark corner – gathering dust, causing us to trip on our way up the stairs (not down the stairs for some peculiar reason) and generally looking extremely unsightly.

We didn’t make this job any easier by deciding that it was also the perfect time to clear out the garden sheds consisting of ridiculous numbers of old paint cans, canes, car products, pots, broken garden equipment, spiders and all manner of other creepy-crawlies.  Pretty much everything that needed to go from the sheds was nothing more than rubbish that we had ignored for years.

My little car practically burst at the seams taking all the junk to the rubbish tip and a very helpful team of men (no, I am not being sexist – they just were all male….there is a separate question of why there were only men working there but that is for another day) dispatched the items to their various “homes”.  Several rubbish bags, stuffed full of: books, jars for tea, plastic tubs, items of clothing, CDs etc, went to the local charity shop hopefully to be sold for a worthy cause.  Our final trip took a large bag full of the results of my book-clearout-frenzy to a specialist book shop for resale.

We were hot, tired and covered in dirt and grime but oh how jubilant our return to a more spacious house (ok, it needs a good clean now – the house didn’t escape the dirt altogether).  Finally, the house is beginning to transform into a haven rather than a junkyard.  I am beginning to find space to think, reflect, dream and just enjoy living instead of feeling guilty about the amount of jobs still to be done.

And it felt wonderful to have chucked out so much stuff that had been hanging around for no good reason whatsoever.  In fact it was so good that I can’t leave it there and will be rushing off shortly to sort out the next bag.

If you need a feel-good moment, try clearing out a cupboard or two and relish the space you gain to live in.  Keep me posted on how it feels and good luck.

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4 Responses to 40 Days of Simple Living – Part Three (or “The Mass Clearance Feel Good Factor”)

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    If you need a feel-good moment, try clearing out a cupboard or two and relish the space you gain to live in. Keep me posted on how it feels and good luck.

    One of my hobbies is actually getting rid of stuff. My childhood home was always overflowing with junk, so that I came to appreciate a Spartan lifestyle after I moved out.

    I donate a couple of bags to Goodwill and a woman’s shelter every few months. I send things to friends I think will benefit from them. I love ditching stuff so much that my S.O. sometimes has to remind me it’s OK to keep things past their purely practical days. Fortunately, he also encouraged me to take something from my mom that I’d been trying to reject–“no, no, Mom, we don’t have the space!”–and which later became a beautiful blessing to me. It was a little push car that my son started using when he learned to stand. Every time I looked at him pushing it around, I’d think of my recently deceased mom and go, “Thank G-d Ba.D. was there to remind me it’s OK to keep some things.”

    Now that I’ve seen the good that can come in keeping some things, I’ll try working on that balance in the future 🙂

    • loustar02 says:

      What a touching reminder that there has to be balance – as there does in all aspects of life. I think it was the need to maintain some balances that helped me to set some guidelines for myself as to what I would keep and what I really didn’t need anymore.

      I should add that I do have some boxes stuffed with things I will never part with even though I will never “use” them again as I will definitely spend time looking at them and enjoying the memories they bring back. Memory-boosters can be a great thing as long as we don’t create sentimental attachments to everything we own.

      Good luck with maintaining that balance in future.

  2. Ha! Another thing I’d not like to do: garbage collection! I love your thoughtfulness. The sheep in your latest post will stay with me through the day. Sheep are so… chill. Everything’s fine unless they detect a tsunami. They’re brilliant, really. I miss them now, too, and I don’t even live in your neighborhood!

  3. writerinlondon says:

    Well done – I am impressed. I’m looking forward to moving house shortly when I will be purging also. Will you be continuing your clearing or you done now?

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