Grab Today



I have always wrestled with life.  I’ve struggled intensely over every problem or difficulty.  I have tried so hard to be perfect in everything I do that I have not only failed to enjoy the journey but I’ve spent so long worrying about every little mistake that I haven’t allowed myself to fully enjoy the results either.  I’ve filled my days with ridiculous amounts of activity and lost my true self in the process.  Until now.

That day I woke up and started the challenge to start a new way of living, something finally clicked that had been eluding me for years.  Life is short.  Life is only ours once.  Life is there to be lived.  Fully lived.  We have been given the gift of TODAY.

We all have a past.  There may be things in your past that you don’t like.  It might be something you have done.  It might be something that someone has done to you.  We all need to accept it…and move on, however tough that might be.  Living in the past only means we miss the joys of today.  Today might bring excitement or happiness or maybe sorrow but it will be yours.  And it will give you the opportunity to really live, to find out more about you, to be you.

So make the most of every chance you have.  Do something today you have been putting off.  Something that will set you free of your past.  Something that is fun.  Something that is just for you. 


 “When we start believing anything’s possible, regrets turn into challenges, defeats into lessons learned, and heartache into magnamity.  It’s all in our outlook – the lens through which we choose to view life.  If we’re not careful, we’ll let disappointment or regret prevent us from celebrating what we have achieved.  What a waste!  Besides, if we had it all to do over, how do we know we wouldn’t do it the same way again?  Better to live fully in today and place our hope in the future God has planned for us.” (Luci Swindoll, Doing Life Differently)

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5 Responses to Grab Today

  1. Thanks for posting this nice article!

  2. Great post. I am right at this very same place. Going to live like to the fullest and I am so excited about it. 🙂

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