This Week is Show Week (or Curtain Up Time Folks)


This week I am answering to a new name.  No, I have not changed it through a rigorous legal process, nor have I got married.  I am very excited to be performing on stage alongside a cast and crew of fantastic people in a local amateur theatre production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. 

We have been rehearsing this musical show for months (it literally feels like a “Tale as Old As Time”!)  Week after week of rehearsals: learning lines, staging, songs, fights and dances – to be ready for just this one week of our lives.  For months our focus has been on the BIG week: “show week” when all the hard work (hopefully) comes together to create a thrilling production for all of us, and our audiences, to enjoy.

It is very difficult to rehearse for all those weeks without constantly thinking about the future.  From the very first rehearsal we start counting down the number of weeks until “curtain up”.  Then, the closer we get, we start counting down the number of days.  Our moods follow suit: relaxing when we know we have plenty of time and panicking when we recognise that crunch time is rapidly approaching.  

But today is a gift (see also my earlier post “Grab Today”) and, despite the necessary emphasis on the shows at the end of the week, it would be a travesty not to make the very best of all the time in rehearsal.  Enjoying the journey of the rehearsals is every bit as important as the excitement of putting on the show.  Yes, the adrenaline kicks in with ferocity on the run up to the performance and spirits run almost unnaturally high, but that moment of extreme joy is always over so very quickly (far too quickly) -blink and you could almost miss it.  So I have set myself a challenge for these last few days.  Even in the unnatural world of “showbiz” I’ve decided that I MUST grab every moment and live it to its full. 

Tonight is a band rehearsal, tomorrow is a technical rehearsal, Wednesday is a final run-through and then the curtain rises (ready or not, here it comes!)  So I am going to get out there and enjoy every minute of these last rehearsals: the set up, the sorting out and delivery of the programmes and all the cheeky moments we are hopefully going to capture on film backstage as the last rehearsals commence.  I’m going to be down the “theatre” as much as I can manage and enjoy all the buzz of the build up. 

Then, when it is all over, when the buzz and rush of excitement have melted away once more, I will know that I made the most of every possible moment with the team who have all worked so hard to make dreams come true.

Will I be a better person?  Probably not.  Will I be a changed person?  Quite possibly.  Will I have made the very best of the time I have and given it my all?  Oh, yes.

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3 Responses to This Week is Show Week (or Curtain Up Time Folks)

  1. Love it. Your blog has come along at the right time! Reminds me of when I was a child and took piano lessons and was in recital at Little Carnegie Hall in NY. We rehearsed for that one night, but it was worth it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I have subscribed!

    • loustar02 says:

      Thanks – great to hear your experience with the rehearsal frenzy too. Do you still play piano? I suspect I will be posting again about the show before the week is out!

  2. Sadly, I’ve lost the ability to play, but plan to go back to it. Looking forward to hearing about your show!

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