Opening Night – Bless Our Show

 Day 4 – Show Week

Tonight is Opening Night – the BIG one when all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears will finally prove worthwhile.  Already butterflies are wildly flapping around my stomach and I suspect that I am not the only one suffering hours before curtain up (or lights up – technically there is no curtain for our production!)

But I am extremely excited about getting out there and making the most of the opportunity given to me to play such a wonderful part, to sing some beautiful songs and to ENJOY every second of the build up and the performance to come.  The enthusiasm of every single person involved will shine out of every inch of the “theatre” tonight – whatever ensues!

I have no more words of my own to share today so instead I will leave you in excited anticipation with the words of Glenn Slater in the stage musical of “Sister Act” (italics used near the end for emphasis) – may it be so:

Bless Our Show

Bless our show, bless the music, bless the songs we’re gonna sing.

Bless the stage that we’ll stand on when we stand and do our thing.

Bless each line, every number, all the steps that we’ve rehearsed.

And allow us, somehow, to be great at the worst.

Bless each note, and each lyric, help us try to stay on key.

Bless the lights and the soundboard, bless our choreography.

From the top of the downbeat ’til the final curtain call – bless the day, bless our show, bless it all!

…bless our props! Bless our costumes! Give our sequins extra glitz!

Bless our moves! Make ’em killer! Let us nail the funky bits!

Bless our vibe! Give us mojo! Help our booties shake on cue!

Let us rest when we’re stressed so our best shines through.

Bless our riffs and arrangements! Let our solos truly rock!

Help us tear up this sucker so they hear us down the block!

Let us lay down the boogie ’til it’s bouncing wall to wall!

Bless our mics! Bless our amps! Bless us all!

Let our voices gleam and glisten! Grant us strength to sing our best!

And let all of those who listen feel they too are truly blessed.

Bless our love and our friendship may it somehow be enough.

Most of all keep us smiling while we’re strutting all our stuff. 

Let us lift one another ’til our spirits fill the hall.

Bless the beat! Bless the bass! Bless each person in the place!

Bless the footlights! Bless the spotlights! Let them light up every face!

Bless our hearts! Bless our souls!

Bless us all!

Bless our Church!

Bless our sisters [Ed: and brothers for this purpose 😉 ]


[And all the people said “Amen”.]

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2 Responses to Opening Night – Bless Our Show

  1. pattisj says:

    How did it go? I think I had a brief moment of butterflies just thinking about the night in front of the audience. I would have frozen in fear, and promptly fainted!

    • loustar02 says:

      It was wonderful! The audience were fantastic, the costumes glittered and shone in all the right places, the songs glided through the air and the characters burst into life. Can I do it all again please? Thanks for thinking of us.

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