Stay Unique

Friends (by Photostock)

What makes you unique?  Is it the way you wrinkle your nose at a funny joke?  Or the way your hair kinks in the same place everyday no matter how many hours you spend attacking it with straighteners?  Or perhaps it is your obsessive love of musicals (what, me?!) or your love of eating spoonfuls of cold baked beans straight from the tin?  Or maybe it is the way you choose to spend your time, the programmes you watch or the fact that you hate the cinema.  Or your ambition to become a football manager or your love of languages.  

Whatever it is we are all UNIQUE in our own special way.  You are an amazing collection of thoughts, feelings, reactions, loves, hates, emotional capacity, intellect and physicality that nobody else in the entire world can mirror exactly.  Even identical twins are rarely identical in every single aspect of their lives.

Life is not always easy.  But we should never let go of our individuality.  We must hold onto our natural uniqueness.  Being ourselves and being comfortable as ourselves should be non-negotiable. 

Yet so often we try to become someone we are not.  We train ourselves to do things that we cannot do passionately because we are trying to be someone we are not.  Maybe we feel that we are not loveable as we are and that we have to become someone else.  But you are you for a reason.  You are not someone else.  There are probably things about you that you don’t like.  I’m glad I don’t have space here to list everything I wish I could change about me.  Rare is the person who truly loves everything about themselves.  What is important is that the differences between us make for a wonderful variety of personalities, styles, looks, dreams and actions.  How boring if we all went to see the same film at the same time of day having eaten the same meal at the same restaurant beforehand – we may as well give up and move into Stepford. 

Or course disagreements may result.  The world becomes a more complicated place when everyone has their views.  We won’t all think alike.  We won’t all want to do the same things.  Fantastic!  Our differences only serve to increase the experiences we can have and the things we can learn (not to mention the number of people it keeps employed!)  We have to learn to respect everyone’s uniqueness and celebrate those differences.  If you want to be an individual and respected for being yourself then recognise that those around you will want the same.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Compromise when you need to but don’t become a sheep.  Don’t just do what everyone else does because everyone else is doing it.  Do it because you want to, because it challenges you or lifts you or just excites you.

Be individual.  Be yourself – stay unique.

(Image of “Friends taking self-portrait outside by Photostock – )

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5 Responses to Stay Unique

  1. Kristin Brænne says:

    Well written!

  2. pattisj says:

    Only you can be you. Of high school peer pressure, my daughter was intrigued how everyone wanted to be “different,” yet they all ended up looking/acting the same.

    • loustar02 says:

      Very good point. I’m very fortunate to live in a city which is such an eclectic mix that you can go out wearing anything and behaving in any way you like (within reason) without anyone batting an eyelid!

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