Wait for my Signal (a late Inspiration Monday)

A second Inspiration Monday XIX post.  I nearly didn’t post this one but then thought I would give everyone some not-so-seasonal fun…!

“Grab the other end!”

“What, here?”

“YES!  That’s it.”

“Now, loop it over here.  And here.”

They giggled as they pulled it tight – fixing the trip wire across the entrance to the bedroom.

“Now what?”

“You have to wait for my signal.”

“How long?”

“It’s gonna be a while.  Let’s play a game!”

“But I want to watch.  Why can’t we just eat some cookies?”

“I guess we could, if you really want to?”

“Yeh, let’s eat.”

Tommy grabbed the tin from under his bed and pulled it across the floor to where Sammy sat.  He clumsily prised off the lid and pulled out a couple of gooey chocolate cookies.

“Here you go, Sammy.”

Tommy munched through his cookie and quickly grew bored again.  He flicked at the crumbs on his trousers.

“Do you really believe in Santa, Sammy?”

“Nah.  You?”

Tommy shook his head.  “Nah.  Well, I mean, I don’t think so. ‘Cept I’m not sure who does it if he isn’t.”

“Yeh, that’s sort of what I mean.  Might be real of course.”

“Might be.  Imagine how great that would be!!”

“Yeh, that would be something.”

“Guess we are gonna see pretty soon, Sammy!”  He said excitedly. 

“It’s gonna be hard for him to get in with the presents with us watching with our trap!  Ha!”

“Guess if he’s really Santa then he’ll find a way.”

“Yeh.”  Sammy shrugged.  “We’ll see.”

“Imagine being the only kids who have really seen Santa!  No-one will believe us…but we’ll know that he IS real.”

“Can I have another cookie, Tommy?”

“Sure.”  He passed him the tin and grabbed another one, stuffing it into his mouth crumbs flying all over.  “I’m bored.  Let’s do something else.”


And so the two played at soldiers, cars, everything they could think of and ate more cookies than most of us could imagine until Sammy finally decided that the game they really needed to play was spies.

“How do I play?”

“Tommy, don’t you know?!”

“No, never played it before have I?”

“OK.  So we have to lie down here like we’re in long grass watching out for a target.”

“What’s a target?”

“Something you watch for.  Anyway, we’re watching for Santa so that’s who.  You grab those sticks and we’ll pretend they’re like clever listening device things and then we have to stay like that.  Real quiet.”

“OK.”  Tommy said as he followed every word and lay down on his front facing the door to the bedroom.


Tommy nodded.

“Right then, shhhhhhhh.”

Two hours later the moon streamed down onto the sleeping boys.  Even their grim determination to be the best spies ever had not been enough to keep them awake for the whole of that magical night. 

Slowly the door opened just the slightest amount and a hook on a long thin pole reached around to the end of the trip wire attached to the bed post.  With a few careful moves the wire slipped from the bedpost and fell harmlessly to the floor.  A pair of heavy black boots stepped silently into the room.  The heavy brown sack was lowered slowly to the floor.  An efficient but gentle pair of hands pulled presents of all colours, shapes and sizes from the sack and placed them into the socks labelled “Tommy” and “Sammy” that hung from the end of the bed posts.  

Finally satisfied that they were full he turned to go.  But something made him smile and he turned to Tommy’s now wide-eyed face and said “Maybe next year, Tommy.”  Then he turned and was gone.


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3 Responses to Wait for my Signal (a late Inspiration Monday)

  1. chesshirecat says:

    gave me an instant of goose bumps. Guess I still want Santa to be “real”. Enjoyed this story. Thank you.

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