The right approach to life

Life has been so full over the last few weeks that I’ve not had time to put finger to keyboard.  Then today I read this great extract from “The Double Comfort Safari Club” by Alexander McCall Smith and had to share it with you:

“Having the right approach to life was a great gift in this life….Do not complain about your life. Do not blame others for things that you have brought upon yourself. Be content with who you are and where you are, and do whatever you can do to bring to others such contentment, and joy, and understanding that you have managed to find yourself…You can do that in the company of an old friend—you can close your eyes and think of the land that gave you life and breath, and of all the reasons why you are glad that you are there, with the people you know, with the people you love.”
— Alexander McCall Smith

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4 Responses to The right approach to life

  1. pattisj says:

    Very nice thought. Thanks for sharing. Yes, you’ve been missed!

  2. rostumetru says:

    Very cool good luck

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