Return of the Sheep

The sheep are back!  It has been too long since my little fluffy friends munched their way across our local fields but all is not lost.  They have returned. 

Not only have they returned but they have multiplied.  Where there was once a little flock, now there are almost ridiculous numbers and the sheep-pen has grown to more than twice the original size.  They have also matured individually (from the fluffy young bouncy things they once were to fully fledged adult grass-munching machines) and developed their own roles in the flock.  Ok, that takes it a bit far – they are after all, sheep, and I have been witness to that classic sheep mentality (or perhaps in sheep-talk they were happily singing along to “Following the Leader”).  But there have been changes since my last post on how they wound their fluffy way into my affections (“white fluffy sheep, are wonderful!”)

They are not alone.  I have also changed since my early post on sheep.  Perhaps life wore me down, or perhaps I finally woke up.  Whichever.  I am not the same now as I was then.  And I doubt that you are the same as you were then either.  Rather like my English tutor once informed me, like language, we are either changing, developing or dying out. 

I rather like the prospect of changing.  Not change per se but changing to become more like me. 

Loving the fresh air, animals, freedom, space and laughter more and more is just part of that.  So much more has changed.  My faith has developed and grown.  My life has become broader and more fulfilling.  I have started to learn not to let things worry me quite so much.  I have changed.  Bring it on.

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  1. pattisj says:

    Sounds good! 🙂

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