New life

I received a text last night from an old friend telling me that she had given birth to her second baby.  A bouncing baby girl.  It hadn’t been the easiest of pregnancies but she was, quite rightly, thrilled to be telling us all about the arrival of their wonderful new daughter.  I even managed to overlook the one too many gory details she chose to impart.

There is something very special about newborn babies.  Something so precious about new life.  A whole new person just beginning to start out in this world.  A new personality forming and waiting to shine through. 

And don’t think this is just about new humans.  Newborn animals are also vulnerable and precious as they start out on their journey through life.  Just watch a little puppy or a lamb as they leap and learn their roles.  Watch their personalities develop and grow.  Beautiful.

New life is so special.  So much promise.  Why do we seem to assume that life stops being special when it is no longer new?  We experience life and decide that we have to react in certain ways to protect ourselves.  Usually protection mechanisms we have created from dealing with hurt in our pasts.  Why are we so afraid of failure that we turn away opportunities and resist change?

I know of two colleagues who, within the last few weeks, have made the decision to give up work for a short period of time and do something that they have always wanted to do.  The decision was not easy for either of them.  It has required sacrifice.  Not least the risk of running out of funds or not being able to find a new job on their return to work.  But they both felt that it was something they would regret not doing. 

For me, that one thing would have been failing to trust God with my life.  I have struggled on day-by-day through issue after issue and tried to deal with it all.  to manage it all.  To control it all.  Yes, it is true.  I am a bit of a control-freak.  [Wow – that was surprisingly easy to confess]  Anyway, one day I just gave up and said “God.  If you are there, you made the entire universe with its stunning galaxies galore, and then you are big enough and strong enough and scary/loving/amazing enough to sort out these frustrations at work, these relationship issues, these feelings of pain/frustration/rejection/fear/etc.” 

Suddenly I realised that I didn’t have to carry all these burdens.  I could be free too – like the newborn, like the lamb – free to get on with living again.  To live life anew.  A fresh new life.  One with Him in the driving seat.

The problems haven’t gone.  There have been no miraculous solutions in my life.  But something has changed.  Something has shifted.  Life is new and this time I am going to grab hold of it.  Will you do the same?

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3 Responses to New life

  1. Jay Caniel says:

    I agree life is all about freedom. It’s amazing how many people will take chances on other companies and not take a chance on themselves. Each of us have something unique to give this world, however most decide to neglect themselves for societal values and beliefs. Your life is yours to live, not your parents or anyone else. The world will forever worship originality, so it pays to just be the best you there is. Be free like the eagle that soars through the air. Be like that new born full of hope, and the uncanny ability to not see danger. Be Jun E!

  2. pattisj says:

    Great testimony of God’s goodness, in all things. So happy you have found the “peace that passes understanding.”

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