“Joseph” – Who’s the man?

I had a slightly mad thought yesterday that it was high time I did some more planning for this little show.  I think it was something to do with realising that Christmas is now less than two months away and rehearsals are starting in only two and a half months.  There was me thinking I would have a nice, relaxing autumn.

I’ve written up a full cast list so I know what parts/roles I need to fill.  Some of course are very straight-forward (like knowing I need a Joseph, a Jacob, a Pharoah etc) but our company is so big now that I suspect there might be more members of the cast than actual roles.  It might have been Biblical times and there might be numerous verses about Jacob’s wives (Rachel and Leah) but I’m not sure I feel comfortable giving the Brothers more than one wife in our version! 

I have just about managed to work around it by creating some “new” non-singing roles and broadening out the scope of others.  I bet you never thought there would be a dancing sheep in a production of Joseph.  Joke.  As if you would believe that I was serious.  A dancing cow however…

Anyway, it jumped out at me that there really aren’t very many parts for the ladies.  Not in leading/solo roles at least.  Sure, Mrs Potiphar and the eleven wives are there but nothing to really get your teeth into.  Thankfully we don’t really have enough men to play all the male roles so it gives me some scope to cast a few of the ladies as brothers.  It’s not like we haven’t tried that trick before.  It doesn’t fix the entire problem though. 

Then I remembered the existence of the Narrator.  What an awesome role – one that I would dearly love to play, one day.  I’m not sure if it helped me.  You see, I’m now debating whether to cast a man in the role instead.  I know some of you will think I’m mad but let’s not forget that Tim Rice played the role.  It isn’t that radical, more like a step back in time.  Mind you too much testosterone sounds like hard work.  One to ponder.

Perhaps I would be better off leaving the Narrator to the ladies and finding another part to feminise.  I wonder whether I could change the very centre of the plot and make Joseph a girl?  Obviously I can’t change the name to Josephine – it doesn’t really fit to the music and there is no way we would be allowed to.  Not to mention, who would want to rewrite the beautiful lyrics anyway?

The loin cloth would have to go of course.  The coat could have some multi-coloured glitter to glam it up a little.  The shoes could be a little more sexy – kitten heels, that sort of thing.  There could be some interesting dynamics with Pharaoh that might be worth a little exploration.  Maybe the “Joseph” groupies could be men.  Think red-carpet fans screaming with delight that Joseph has saved the Egyptian-day.  With high-pitched voices.  Maybe not.

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4 Responses to “Joseph” – Who’s the man?

  1. Karen Knight says:

    Fantastic, do it! 🙂

  2. pattisj says:

    You truly have your work cut out for you. I hope you enjoy the process, and success.

    • loustar02 says:

      Thanks for the good wishes – I did some more prep at the weekend , had a minor panic attack and then got so involved in it I had to force myself to stop! Details to follow.

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