Cheesy chips – the British way

Picture the moment.  You have just returned from a long hike in the mountains.  You have walked and climbed all day over rugged terrains in all kinds of weather.  The sort of weather that we Brits would be proud to discuss in horrified tones.  You are hungry.  Really hungry.  Your body is craving lard.  Screaming out for lashings of fatty goodness.  Hot, fatty goodness.  Saturated fat.  Where can you turn?

My recommendation is a humble bowl of chips.  Or better still a paper cone of chips.  Covered in a mass of melted cheese.  I must stress that it has to be chips, not French fries.  Fries are great with a burger or alongside a lovely bowl of freshly cooked mussels.  For the returning hiker though there is nothing quite like those wonderfully fat classic British chips from the local chippy eaten al fresco in the British wind and rain. 

To make this as British as possible we have to do away with the weirdly neon orange goo that seems to be poured onto chips in fast-food establishments when cheese is requested.  Not for our chips is this so-called “cheese” that has been processed so hard it looks like someone has held a blow-torch to Morph*.  It has to be a strong cheese like a mature Cheddar.  It doesn’t matter whether it is sliced or grated as long as it tastes like Cheese with a capital “C”.  Preferably strong and cheesy enough that is has to be chewed.

This is soul food.  Food earned by hard work and effort.  Food to be savoured by the ravenous and enjoyed as hot as possible.

So next time you climb a mountain, spend a whole day out shopping, ride your bike, do a show or anything else you can find to do, get out to your local chippy and get yourself a large portion of cheesy chips.

Add salt as required.

Eat.  Enjoy.

* You’ve got to love him!

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2 Responses to Cheesy chips – the British way

  1. pattisj says:

    I’d have to try these if I ever made it “across the pond.” 🙂

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