The Uncertain Ladder

Shoved out into the cold.  It seemed that no matter what she did she was never going to make the big time.  The year of ridiculously hard slog and emotional investment to try to take that necessary step up the ladder had clearly been a complete waste of time and effort.  She had seemed so certain of where she was going.  Was it really only twelve months since she had made the decision to pull the team together again?  To make the concerted effort to keep positive no matter what political back-biting and grief came her way so that she could support the team.  Now she felt scarred from the pain of self-preservation whilst watching all her hard work come crashing down as the new boss demolished all she had fought so hard to build. 

Meetings and calls appeared in his diary but were mysteriously missing from hers despite her attendance at all such regular occasions during those long, long months.  Advisors and colleagues who were so happy to receive her invitations and advice only weeks before now seemed to shun her for the superior title of the “new-boy”.  Who, even though he was seriously bright and clearly more clever than her, had so little understanding of the reality of the business that she couldn’t believe they had fallen for his magical personality so swiftly.

It wasn’t as if she could even say anything without appearing rude and obnoxious.  But she had worked so very hard and unselfishly poured her heart and soul into the business for…well, for nothing.  She guessed there weren’t many options available.  She could walk away and search for somewhere else to thrive or stay and just let him walk all over everything she’d believed in.  Or she could fight back. 

She knew of course that this was the path she would walk.  She wouldn’t squabble or bicker over insignificant details.  No, she was better than that.  She would calmly and quietly re-invite herself to meetings and calls.  She would keep pushing for the interesting projects to come her way just like they had before.  She wouldn’t fight change, after all transforming and developing is part of the game, but she wouldn’t roll over and accept it blindly without considering the impact on her.  She would re-invent herself and never look back.  If in the end she failed, flight would still be an option, and, just maybe, she would soar higher than ever before.

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