Scurrying on the hamster wheel of life

It is only Monday but I am already feeling exhausted, weighed down by the amount of things that have to be done this week, and wondering whether somehow Friday night will come round any sooner this week. The sad thing is that Friday night becomes a quest for the opposite longing that Monday would stay away just a little longer.

It suddenly doesn’t seem such a mad idea that we might all benefit from the occasional moment spent getting and, more importantly, staying off the revolving Hamster wheel of life. A moment off the wheel to pause and appreciate what we already have rather than striving for the next home, the next designer handbag,the next experience, the next “thing”. Too often we waste our lives searching for the missing thing, person, event, job that is going to finally fulfil our desires. The magic something that will help us to reach that wondrous state of contentment.

The sad thing is that getting the “next thing” or reaching the next target is never enough. There is always another thing, another target. In the meantime we focus on the magic “thing” (or, of you are like me, lots of varied things) so much we miss life along the way. Almost as if we have forgotten that the hands of the clock keep on turning, time ticking relentlessly on. That thought frightens me. I want to live my life not keep pedalling round in routine circles. It must be time for me to step off the wheel. Maybe see you there.

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