Please tell me….

…how do blogging awards work? I am confused. I know in normal life you can be nominated for things but, more often than not in my case, you do not win. But in the Blogsphere does it work like that? Who does the voting (as I have often seen people nominated but not seen anywhere to vote for them) and how would you know if you have won in order that you can meet the conditions of winning the award?

You would make me very happy if you would set my weary little mind at rest.

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5 Responses to Please tell me….

  1. The majority of ‘Blogging Awards’ are ‘given’ by bloggers to other bloggers. There are no rules and anybody can play. If you are ‘nominated’ you usually can either do what your nominator has asked you to do (usually nominate several more bloggers and tell something about yourself or your work) or you can ignore them. They seem to serve as a source of encouragement to bloggers whose work has been read and appreciated by other bloggers and/or they can be meaningless because of their Chain Letter like qualities. You decide. I usually thank the person that nominated me but have always declined the ‘awards’ because the process has too strong an odor of self aggrandizement clinging to it.

    Or you can liken it to winning the Pulitzer Prize for Blogging…. Hope this helps.



    • loustar02 says:

      Hey Doug, thanks for your words of wisdom. It makes a lot more sense now. I always had the thought that a nomination was just that and I then had to wait to see if I won. Always just assumed I never did but it seems I may have entirely missed the point.

      Now seems a good time to apologise to anyone who nominated me only to have me rudely ignore the accolade!

      Thanks again – my mind can finally rest.

  2. pattisj says:

    I don’t think nomination is the best word for them. Awards work well as a tool to introduce people to more blogs, and increase your number of viewers.

  3. I think of blog awards as being a way for one blogger to thank other bloggers for blogs they’ve enjoyed. If you get awarded one you can then pass it on to other blogs you like, and they can pass it on to their favourite blogs, and so on. I don’t know which awards you’ve been nominated for (i.e. have won!) but usually the blogger who nominated you will have done a post about it in which they detail the award ‘rules’ – how many people to pass it on to, etc. as Doug said above – and all you need to do (if you want to accept it and pass it on to others) is copy those rules and make them into a post of your own so that anyone you nominate knows what the rules for accepting the award are. It is like a chain thing, being constantly passed from blogger to blogger, and it’s up to you if you do a post about it and pass it on or not. Some people don’t like getting them, or don’t mind getting them but don’t want to be involved in passing them on. It can be quite a bit of work if you get one or two and then feel you have to create a post full of links to other blogs. I’ve broken the rules myself sometimes to get round that, to make it easier for me to pass them on, and it doesn’t really matter, the blog police seem to turn a blind eye to it!

  4. Maxi says:

    Blogger Awards are a way of people telling you they like what you write. It’s great because that is why we write. The only problem is you have to answer questions and pass the award to someone else. Some bloggers don’t have the time to do this.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

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