Let the creative spirit flow

The kitchen is my little haven. A little bubble zone where creativity can flow and shine even after the hardest of days. Well, at least those days when it wasn’t hard enough to give in to the joy of eating out.

Yesterday was one such evening when I felt inspired enough to try something new. And so my homemade mustard and honey marinade was born. With a little help from my secret ingredient. Of course, if I tell you what it is I will have to kill you. Let’s just say it goes nicely with roast beef and it isn’t mustard.

So flowing was my creativity that I just had to attempt attractive presentation rather than my usual “bung it on a plate option”. Perfectly positioned peas, runner beans, squash and the chicken resting on a bed of potato rosti. Rather pleased was I. Especially when I tasted it and realised it didn’t taste too bad either. The haven does it again. Creativity that tastes good. Now that can’t be bad.


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2 Responses to Let the creative spirit flow

  1. Maxi says:

    It is 5:50am in my corner of the world … still, your dish looks so inviting I could savor the entire plate at this moment.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

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