Paint the Day Away

Creativity strikes randomly. When it comes you just have to get up and go with the proverbial flow. Today has been one such day.

Personally I blame it on the 40 minute run I pushed myself to do first thing this morning. Funny how the thing you want to do least quickly becomes the thing you love doing. There was such freedom in running. All those random thoughts that threatened my sanity were quickly dealt with and sorted out into manageable chunks. Anyway, enough on that for now.

Inspired by a comment from my lovely Mum, I finally bit the bullet that I had been dodging and went out shopping for tester pots of paint. The aim? To reinvent my kitchen without the expense of replacing the perfectly serviceable units. The kitchen is fine but characterless, or at least does not match my slightly mad, bouncy personality, and it is high time I make my mark on this place. Otherwise we’ll be moving on again and it will look much the same as when we started. Now is the time to let that creativity flow and if colour is the way to let it do its thing then so be it.


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1 Response to Paint the Day Away

  1. pattisj says:

    Oh, fun! I’d love to get our kitchen painted. You’ll have to share pictures when yours is done. 🙂

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