Look with your heart

“Look with your heart, and not with your eyes, the heart understands, the heart never lies” – Glenn Slater, from the musical “Love Never Dies”

We are all guilty of thinking too much with our heads. Practicality and the chaos of modern life often mean we have to think things through, to rationalise, to consider all the options before we act and even get into the extremes of a developing a full-blown cost benefit analysis in order to work out what we will lose in order to gain. This is all well and good until it becomes a fixation. We start to over-analyse and suddenly we find ourselves paralysed by indecision from doing the very thing we thought would set us free to act in our own, or someone else’s, best interests.

There is much to learn from this simple quote (from a beautiful musical). Look with your heart – remember what it is that inspires you, what lifts you, what gives you hope, what excites you. Don’t stop to think whether you have time to break off from what you are doing, just do it. It might be a drink with a friend, an impromptu visit to the cinema, a visit to the gym, a blast out on the motorbike, a phone call to tour long-lost sibling or just a cuppa in the sunshine. Don’t look with your head-eyes. Look with your heart and you will rediscover your true self.

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