Days of several halves

This last month has achieved elements of the best moments of the year and some of the worst. I have failed to blog at all for over a month for the best and worst of reasons.

November started with another excellent musical performance with the wonderful Barnstormers. Titanic the musical may not have been on everyone’s “to do” list but the show is a powerful and emotive one and I’m very proud that we were able to do it justice in such a big anniversary year.

The month quickly shifted to the most wonderful time in the year: our annual holiday away to sunnier climes. This year an escape to the Dominican Republic for two weeks (thanks to those wonderful people at First Choice Holidays and the Excellence Hotels & Resorts). It was blissful. Relaxing, quiet, beautiful surroundings, huge pool, comfy beds, plenty of good books to read, a few magazines to peruse and the best man I could dream of by my side. Ah. I even fulfilled a lifetime ambition of riding a horse along the beach and in the sea! The bucket list received another tick. It was heavenly.

Towards the end I almost felt ready to come home and get on with normal life (whatever that is), and then promptly came down with bronchitis, again. Those of you reading my posts from earlier in the year may recall my last brush with this during the critical period of rehearsals for Joseph, which I was directing at the time. This version was no better except I was rested so didn’t feel quite as awful at the start. Then I came home.

The lovely warm weather turned dramatically into freezing temperatures and with it my cough took an immediate turn for the worse. Hello doctors. It took a whole week and a seven day course of antibiotics before I could return to the air conditioned office of my workplace. I wasn’t completely right but very much improved so started to slowly get back into life, such as buying Christmas presents, organising events, buying Christmas food, attending my brothers graduation, working and then sleeping as much as possible in the evenings/nights to recover.

It was not to be. One week after the antibiotics were finished, I was going downhill again so, another visit to the doctors later, I am back on antibiotics and laid up at home cancelling all my pre-Christmas lunches and dinners and generally not achieving much without coughing horrifically.

This time I hope the antibiotics do their thing properly and really knock this nasty bug on the head and send it packing. With big family celebrations just before Christmas for someone very special’s big birthday, and the family coming to me for the big Christmas lunch, I’m wishing that Santa brings me a little present a few days early. Not like all the requests for goodies that I might have made; this year I’m just asking for good health.

God bless, and merry Christmas!

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2 Responses to Days of several halves

  1. pattisj says:

    I hope you are feeling much better now. That stuff has been hard to shake this year–so I’ve heard. I’m glad you had a lovely holiday!

    • loustar02 says:

      Thanks Patti – still struggling to beat it actually. Hence the lack of inspired Christmas flavoured posts. Hoping that the New Year gets rid of those bugs once and for all!

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

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