Moment of gratitude

Today, despite my chest hacking away like an old man, I can be grateful for so much. Here are just a few immediate ones:

Sleeping for seven straight hours after days of waking several times a night coughing;

Living in a warm cosy house with a comfy bed and soft duvet when some people have nothing, not even a roof to protect them;

Having immediate access to free medical care and cheaply priced medication to help beat the chest infection that keeps plaguing me; so many don’t have access to that kind of care or just can’t afford it;

Having a wonderful husband who has taken care of me (and made me go back to the doctor when I resisted common-sense);

Having a beautiful dog curled up beside me on the sofa with her head resting on my leg, willing me to get well;

An understanding boss who genuinely wants me to stay home to get well above the needs of the company;

Family and friends who care and send wishes of good health;

Wonderful sunshine streaming in through the window; and

The beautiful Christmas tree to light my day.

So many more things to be grateful for but today these are my top few. Whatever your circumstances we can always find little things to be grateful for. Sometimes it is very, very hard and sometimes it is very easy. The important thing is to never stop looking for them. They will be there, somewhere.

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1 Response to Moment of gratitude

  1. pattisj says:

    Good advice, never stop looking for those good things.

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