Christmas Snowball – Inspiration from Nigella

I am late for Christmas-related messages (or maybe just very, very early).  I know this.  It is not Christmas anymore.  I almost missed it with illness plaguing me from mid-November until…well, let’s just say it hasn’t left me alone just yet.  This wasn’t just disappointing for my own enjoyment of the festivities, I missed out on sharing my little Christmas thoughts with you all.  I therefore reserve the right to share random little Christmas thoughts alongside my New Year reflections and inspirations.  I will not be offended if you choose to delay reading them until December. 

I was inspired again this year by Nigella Lawson’s Christmas cooking programmes.  True, she is almost too unbearably cheesy to watch, but her ideas are often fun, tasty and brilliant for the time-poor, like me.  If you can bear with her attempts to seduce the camera and the constant repetitions that said recipe is “so easy”, there are some yummy recipes out there waiting to be tried.  Her recipe for Christmas Morning Muffins is fast becoming a very tasty family tradition.

This year I was inspired to try her Christmas Snowball drink.  My mum and mother-in-law informed me that this was all the rage in the ’70’s.  I wouldn’t know but it certainly sounded worth a try.  Be warned, this is my interpretation of her suggested recipe. 

Christmas Snowball

The ingredients are heavenly simple:

  • Advocaat liqueur
  • Good quality lemonade (don’t just buy the cheapest chemically produced variety)
  • Ice (or be lazy and chill the lemonade)
  • Dash of lime juice

Mix together one part Advocaat to four parts of lemonade (or more/less depending on how much alcohol you fancy consuming), pour over ice (crushed if you like) and add a dash of lime juice.  Serve immediately.  The result is creamy, refreshing and unusual. 

Advocaat is a creamy, yellow liqueur made from eggs (please note in case you have any allergy or intolerance to egg), sugar and brandy so it provides a Christmassy eggnog flavour which is just the order of the day.  At around £10 a bottle it isn’t going to break the bank and you can enjoy all manner of other Advocaat inspired cocktails if the Snowball isn’t your thing.  A little taste of a retro classic.  Happy Christmas…!

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6 Responses to Christmas Snowball – Inspiration from Nigella

  1. Maxi says:

    So sorry to read that you are having health problems, most especially during the holidays. My heartfelt prayers that you will be better soon.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  2. veghotpot says:

    Were still getting through our christmas chocolate so its technically still christmas! This will wash it down nicely 😉 Hope you feel better soon! x

    • loustar02 says:

      Oh yes, I have plenty of Christmas chocolate and cheese around too. Probably too much. The post-Christmas health-check will have to wait another week or two! Thanks for popping by. I have your tomato soup and gnocchi recipe printed out and ready to try once I’ve got through the Christmas food binge 😉

      • veghotpot says:

        We had a mad chocolate feast on sunday and got through nearly all of it haha so the rest of it has been stored away for a day of desperate need! I officially start the usual january health kick today! Hope you enjoy the tomato soup 🙂

      • loustar02 says:

        Good luck with the health kick. Enjoy rediscovering the chocolate in due course!

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