An Adventure in Paint

[Painting photo]


We all know I am not an artist. I cannot draw. I do not count the ability to form stick men or coloured shapes as an ability to draw. End of. You may remember that I do like splodging great dollops of paint onto paper. Creating color and vibrancy from nothing warms the cockles of my heart and sparks off inspiration and happiness like very little else.

To this end I asked for some canvasses for Christmas. Duly received I quickly realised I had forgotten to ask for paints so out I headed to a craft shop to obtain some. I returned home a few pounds lighter armed with acrylic paints, brushes, scrapers, a practice pad and a painting by numbers picture of hot air balloons.

Hot air is about all I usually end up with. With past craft projects I have been known to rush out to buy “the stuff”, get really into it for about five days and then never look at it again. My half-forgotten attempts at sewing pretty hearts and making up a scrapbook are included. The lucky thing is that I still rebound to them from time to time so the money and effort are not wasted. However, in 2013 I am not letting my limiting thoughts do their worst. I will play with these painting goodies from time to time fully anticipating that I will not create beautiful landscapes but I will have fun with colour and create something vibrant, beautiful and mine. I have no pretensions of grandeur – I just want to have fun. To play. And so I shall.

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1 Response to An Adventure in Paint

  1. pattisj says:

    Perfect! Enjoy the process. I’m having a blast with the pastels.

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