Spring is in the Flowerbeds

Today I noticed my first daisy and my first grape hyacinth of the year. Why is this significant? It proves to me that, despite the insanely cold weather and the heavy snowfall we had only last week (in Southern England, in March, I know), spring has finally arrived. Oh yes, winter is officially over.

The perfect follow-up to this report would be a pleasant increase in temperatures and the absence of snow, wind and rain, even if only for a few days. It might happen, it might not. Either way I’m grateful for the opportunity to see spring happily bursting forth again today.

Happy spring 2013!

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5 Responses to Spring is in the Flowerbeds

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    We just had a lovely week of sunshine and 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. It was lovely! The rain is moving in today and then the temps will be a little lower, in the 60 degree range. Went outside yesterday to see if my Wisteria was blooming yet, but it wasn’t. I’ll just take what I can get. 🙂

    • loustar02 says:

      Perhaps I was keen – the weather has moved back in. Grey and cold. Oh, and some more rain. But the flowers are blooming and the birds are back so I’m hanging onto my own little spring!

      • dmauldin53 says:

        We still have sunny, but cold weather here. The Weathermen are predicting snow and sleet for tomorrow and the entire weekend. Blah!

  2. Maxi says:

    The first daisy, spring has arrived. Happy days, lilting moods.
    blessings ~ maxi

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