A new journey

Good stories are all about journeys.  Some are  literal, travelogues from intrepid backpackers or sightseers, others more of the spiritual kind.  Most are just about the ups and downs of life, the greatest journey of them all.

The last eighteen months have been one amazing, scary and fun journey through my life.  I’ve taken courses in subjects I never even knew I could explore, stage roles I never imagined I could inhabit, playing sports I’d never considered trying, dreaming bigger than I’ve ever dreamed before,  hitting lifetime goals and meeting more amazing people than I’ve ever met in such a short space of time.  Just your average eighteen months.  Quiet, boringly average.  Not in the least bit inspiring when I look back and think, “Wow!  Did I manage to do ALL of that?”

My big, life journey took another step forward today as I took the first steps towards the  fulfilment of a long-held, yet little-actioned dream, training to become a coach.  A day spent in a little training suite in London, sharing and learning with a wonderful bunch of people who, like me, want to do something more with their one and only precious life.  A day spent bouncing around with enthusiasm.  A day spent smiling and feeling the buzz of resonation everywhere.  A day spent knowing that even if it doesn’t work out, the time has not been wasted.  And, if it does, the world is suddenly a much bigger and more exciting place to be.  

You see those stars?  They are mine.  Race you.

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