What makes a great human being 

What makes a great human being?  Is it what we do, how people judge or perceive us, how we behave, what we wear?  Here are just some of the amazing and special things that make us human beings:

Being.  We are not human doings.  Sometimes it is ok just to exist.

Mess.  We are not “sorted”.  We are messy, we are complex, we are surprising.  We can be up and we can be down.  It is OK.  It is OK not to know.

Capability.  We are capable and  resourceful.  Each of us, in our own way, is so very capable.  And capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.  There is so much more to find and explore.  Sometimes we just need people to cheer us on and give us pushes in the right direction.  We can do the rest.

Creative.  We are so creative.  We make music. We write stories. We solve problems.  We make machines work.  We create code.  We create works of art.

We dream.  We hope.  We love.

We are amazing.  We are inspiring.  We can change anything and everything.  Our limits are our own.  Go ahead, step out, be amazing.

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