Journeying on

Yesterday I started the last of the core coaching training courses.  Two more days and this part of the journey will be over.  I feel sad about the prospect of saying goodbye to my amazing fast-track coaching buddies.  I hope we can go on to build greater bonds beyond the training centre walls.  What a wonderful group of people they are.  Being vulnerable, being open and so authentically themselves in a huge and inspirational way.  Thank you one and all.

I also feel a sense of anticipation about where the journey will lead me next.  Or, more accurately, where I am going to lead myself.  This course seems to have opened a box of interesting things to explore, and that exploration has meant starting a process of letting go and taking back control in equal measure.  Time to let go of all the constraints holding me back, and my own preconceptions and judgements, all of which, mysteriously, have been preventing me from being the greatest version of myself.  And time now to take back control of the messy stuff, the busyness and the distractions that have been too easy to use as excuses for not making time to “be”.  The messy stuff I’ve swept under the carpet believing I had this stuff under control.  I did.  And I didn’t.  And now I can start to let it all go and control what matters.

It is time to find space again.  To find it, to embody it and to be it.  In the space is freedom, contentment and joy.  Space is beautiful.  From space comes love, warmth and wisdom. And who doesn’t want a bit more of that?

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